PTC Onshape

Create, Innovate, Collaborate in the Cloud

The leading design platform built for the cloud, combining CAD and PDM with advanced collaboration and analytics capabilities, empowering to innovate at the speed of today’s business.


Onshape is the first and only product development platform that delivers professional-grade CAD capabilities with integrated data management, powering more agile design processes at lower costs. With Onshape, the users are free to innovate while simultaneously collaborating with other stakeholders, without fear of design stalls, system crashes, or data losses forever.

Built natively for the cloud, Onshape untethers users from the limits of file-based CAD design processes, giving the freedom to create on any device, anytime, anywhere.


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3D CAD Software & Product Development Platform | Onshape

Benefits of Onshape over file-based CAD systems

Advanced Collaboration: –

With the ability to work on the same design simultaneously with other stakeholders enhances collaboration to the highest level. Onshape delivers capabilities like follow mode, live commenting and sharing, making it easy to collaborate and to market the product faster.

Integrated Data Management: –

It eliminates the hassles and costs associated with PDM systems needed to manage version control. Onshape provides Design engineers integrated data management with capabilities like branching and merging, version control, release and “forever-undo”, enabling them to fearlessly explore design concepts or easily revert design changes.

Real time analytics: –

Onshape delivers analytical insights that enables leaders to monitor, audit and optimize their design activities. With easy to read charts, engineering managers have real time access to critical design insights such as IP tracking, release status, approval history, total hours on project and much more.

Improved Security: –

Leveraging AWS infrastructure, to a highly performant, scalable and secure cloud deployment as well as SOC2 Type II certification, Onshape ensures data security on top priority.

Onshape allows use of 2 Factor authentication (2FA) to protect account access, while also encrypting all traffic to Onshape servers, as well as data within it’s databases.

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