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ImageGrafix Engineering Solutions DDMC (IGESDDMC) is a specialized engineering services provider in the plant design industry catering to certain key and challenging engineering design services. It provides world class services to our clients across the globe with our highly professional teams and by following best industry practices and internationally formulated standards and by adhering to international Society Codes such as ASME/API/BS/IS Codes for Design/Analysis verification and validation. IGES uses industry’s best practices to produce high quality engineering services and offers its expertise in providing following specialized Plant Design services.

Detail Engineering Services

  • Pipe Supports design and detailing.
  • Support structure design.

Engineering Analysis Service

  • Pipe Stress & Flexibility Analysis.
  • Hydraulic fluid flow calculations.
  • Instrumentation deliverables using Smart Plant Instrumentation.

Other Services

  • CAD Services.
  • Customization Services.
  • Design Staff outsourcing.

Why to outsource Engineering Services to IGESDMCC

The success and profitability of an engineering company largely depends on its ability to change itself to meet the ever changing market requirements. The most important aspect in a project environment will be the quality of work and strict delivery schedules. ImageGrafix understands your project requirements and can assist you in meeting your project deadlines. The benefits of outsourcing are many. Public and private organizations increasingly turn to outsourcing to cope with increased demands on staff and expanding services.

By outsourcing to ImageGrafix, you can:

  • Benefit from technological skills and expertise to increase efficiency.
  • Reduce costs by lowering processing time and expense, eliminating capital investment.
  • Improve the way your organization deals with the peaks and valleys of project requirements.
  • Enhance your focus on core engineering activities.

ImageGrafix Engineering Solutions serves the following Industry segments

  • Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Refinery & Fertilizer
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverages
  • Water Treatment
  • District Cooling and heating
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Textiles
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings.
  • Equipment layout drawings, equipment list and nozzles schedules.
  • Equipment foundation drawings, including concrete details.
  • Storage tank fabrication drawings.
  • Bill of materials.
  • Equipment fabrication/shop drawings.
  • Preparation of technical specifications.
  • Preparation of design Calculations.
  • Preparation of data sheets for mechanical equipments.
  • Preparation of requisition for mechanical equipments – for enquiry and order.
  • Preparation of fabrication drawings and materials.

Structural Detailing

ImageGrafix provides Structural detailing services in accordance with International Standards like, AISC, IS ,ACI, AASHTO, BS, UBC & API. Steel detailing Services:

  • Preparation of Basic design calculations and standard drawings.
  • Preparation of 3D structural models using PDMS, SMARTPLANT , CADWorx.
  • Preparation of Steel General Arrangement drawings.
  • Preparation on COG and Bill of Material.
  • Preparation of single line structure drawings and piping load data.
  • Preparation of detailed execution drawings.
  • Preparation of bar bending schedules.
  • Preparation of fabrication / shop drawings.
  • As-built documentation.

Civil Detailing Services

Preparation of detailed drawings, Bill of materials and bar bending schedules for:

  • Reinforced concrete framed structures.
  • Pile and conventional foundations.
  • Equipment and machinery foundations drawings.
  • Concrete storage silos, large diameter storage tank foundations.
  • Retaining walls, dyke walls and boundary walls.
  • Cable and pipe trenches and tunnels.
  • Roads, pavements, grading plan and drainage systems. Gates, compound walls and fencings.

Engineering Analysis Services

With it’s expertise in piping systems, ImageGrafix offers Pipe Stress Analysis Services and Pipe Support Engineering to its clients. This service caters to the requirements of both Process Power, and District Cooling Piping Systems Pipe Stress Analysis.

Pipe Flexibility is a critical component in any piping design. It is mandatory that the critical piping which are operating under high pressure or high temperature services need to be analyzed for flexibility, expansion and load sustaining capabilities. Apart from process and power piping, District cooling systems which employ pre-insulated pipes and piping inside the energy transfer stations need to be analyzed for flexibility and expansion as per ASME B31.3 code. ImageGrafix offers comprehensive service which covers all aspects of Pipe Stress analysis in both industries.

Pipe Stress Analysis for Onshore and off shore Process and Power Piping

  • Static load and stress calculations of above ground and underground piping systems.
  • Wind load calculation.
  • FRP & GRP pipe stress analysis.
  • Offshore piping stress analysis.
  • Fatigue analysis and cumulative usage report.
  • Dynamic analysis and harmonic forces and displacements of piping systems.
  • Mode shapes and natural frequency calculations.
  • Shock spectrum analysis and independent support motion (earthquake).
  • Force spectrum analysis (liquid hammer, slug flow & relief valve discharge).
  • Model time history analysis.
  • Calculation of Spring Stiffness.
  • Thrust force of Expansion Bellows.
  • Effects of Thermal Loads, Occasional loads such as Hydrostatic Test, Safety Valve’s Reaction Force, Seismic Loads, Wind Loads.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Steam Hammer & Water Hammer.
  • Sea Wave load spectrum.
  • Safety Valve Reaction Force.
  • Calculation of Displacement of Terminal point movement due to Thermal, Equipment Foundation Settlement ,Pipe Support Movement, Pipe Support Foundation Settlement.

Pipe Stress Analysis for District cooling Piping and Energy Transfer Station Room Piping

The purpose of the stress analysis in Chilled water Network lines is to identify the behavior of the Chilled water pipes under the potential static loadings experienced from the start up to operation. In particular, the stress analysis is undertaken to confirm that stresses produced in the network as a result of the temperature difference, pressure and dead weight will comply with the governing codes for such static loads. Moreover, the calculated displacements and restraint (anchors and hangers) loads under these static conditions should comply as well with these governing codes. Due to the extensive calculations required, the stress analysis will becarried out with the assistance of computer simulation and modeling software. The stress analysis provides useful design information including the location of any high stress concentrations and bends within the network it also highlights areas requiring attention by way of redesign and or adding additional anchors or hangers to eliminate high stresses in the network piping.

As a service to the new industry ImageGrafix provides comprehensive service which includes:

  • Static load and stress calculations of above ground and underground piping systems.
  • Calculation of Insulation density.
  • Wind load calculation.
  • FRP & GRP pipe stress analysis.
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Calculation of Spring Stiffness.
  • Thrust force of Expansion Bellows.
  • Effects of Thermal Loads, Occasional loads such as Hydrostatic Test, Safety Valve’s Reaction Force, Seismic Loads, Wind Loads.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Steam Hammer & Water Hammer.
  • Calculation of Displacement of Terminal point movement due to Thermal,
    Equipment Foundation Settlement, Pipe Support Movement, Pipe Support Foundation Settlement.

Pipe Support Engineering Design

  • Selection of Pipe Supports
  • Load calculation for Pipe Support
  • Structural design of Pipe Supports
  • Spring Hanger Data Sheets
  • Thrust Block Sizing
  • Plates, Inserts & Loading Drawing (input to Civil)

Root Cause analysis

IGES team can visit the site and collect necessary information and accordingly analyze the problem analytically considering design aspects (Critical, Logical, Stress Analysis, etc) and provide recommendations for any piping modifications so as to overcome the prevailing piping related problems.

Typical problems may be:

  • Compressed Air Flow Analysis: Inadequate flow of plant air, instrument
    Air to the user points.
  • Water Flow Analysis: Inadequate flow of cooling water, Service water, potable water, etc to the user points.
  • HVAC Calculations: Inadequate suction of toxic fumes from originating points.
    Expansion Joint failure: due to improper pipe support design.
  • Pipe Support/ Spring Support failure
  • Excessive Vibration: Suspected to be due to rigid or poor piping design.

Fluid Flow Dynamics Services

ImageGrafix can offer advice in designing the hydraulic system to be more optimized to its purpose, to improve its safety and to cost less money.

Typically the services include:

  • Determining the maximum flow capacity of a system (e.g. ship/ shore cargo transfer)
  • Advising on pipeline routing and elevation profile
  • Optimizing the pipe diameter by calculating flow, pressure and velocity of fluid in the pipeline
  • Optimizing the Pump Size by calculating pumping costs vs. pipeline diameter for typical pipe materials
  • Specifying surge suppression equipment to improve both the peak pressures and the overall operability of the pipeline.
    For example, determining the check valve size, type and dynamic performance needed to prevent check valve slam. Or specifying the best
    location for air valves and their sizing

Surge Analysis Services

ImageGrafix is a regional leader in surge analysis and dynamic simulation. Have performed services for all the major oil companies and consultants in the Middle East region.

This service is performed using Sunrise Systems PIPENET Software. PIPENET is a leader in Fluid Flow analysis and is being used and approved by leading consultants, Owner operators worldwide. Its not just the software which makes our service the best, but also The projects are handled by highly experienced consultants who carry a wealth of many years of similar experience.

Every study provides the simulation results with our observations, scenariosrecommendations and conclusions, thus our recommendations are of an
independent company who offers unbiased advice on design and equipment selection.

Simulation and surge analysis give a wide range of benefits during design and operation. Once the computer models are built they can be used throughout a project’s life.

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