Extended Time Simulation (XTS)

An AFT Arrow Add-on Module

The AFT Arrow Extended Time Simulation (XTS) Module helps engineers answer design and operating simulation questions by
simulating how critical parameters vary over time. Perform a series of steady-state gas flow solutions with variables changing automatically to achieve a dynamic simulation of your system.

With AFT Arrow Extended Time Simulation Module you can define a wide range of operational changes during the time simulation, including:

  • Tank volume and liquid level tracking (predict how long to fill and drain tanks)
  • Pump start/stop and speed variation
  • Valve position changes
  • Control valve setpoint variation

Reporting Features

  • Text and graphical output clearly displays time varying parameters such as:
    • liquid height in tanks
    • flow and pressure in pipes
    • pump operating conditions
    • valve position and more
  • Unique animation feature that dynamically displays time varying parameters along selected flow paths

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